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About us


I'm Rachel a single mum of two beautiful little boys that makes all of the Jax in the box products. I have been sewing for the past 14 years and absolutely love creating things for your little ones.

Jax in the Box is a small business that was started almost 4 years ago by a beautiful mum of a reflux baby, who needed something to catch all that spew so she wasn't changing his clothes all the time and that's how our Dribble Monster Bibs were born. They are designed to hold a lot of moisture so that your little ones clothes can stay dry.

Having an allergy and reflux baby myself and expecting my second so when I saw the business up for sale I jumped at the chance as even with my little one being a teething toddler he still wears them and we love being able to choose funky and unique prints to put on him.

I hand make all of our famous Dribble Monster Bibs and all of the fabulous other products from home usually while my munchkins are playing, or 'helping'. 

Enjoy Shopping with us and know that we appreciate each and every customer as your purchases allows me to stay at home longer with my two beautiful kiddies!